Making a Difference with Fairtrade

By 24th February 2020News

By Paris Mudan, CSR Executive

What is Fairtrade?

I am often asked what Fairtrade is, what do they do, and do they really make a difference. Quite simply Fairtrade is making a difference to the lives of the people who grow the things we love by making trade fair.

Before you finish breakfast in the morning, you’ve depended on more than half the world
Martin Luther King Jr.

Despite our dependence on farmers and workers for the foods and drinks we use, 10% of the world’s population still live below the poverty line. Over 80% of the world’s poor live in rural areas that rely heavily on farming and agriculture to make a living. Poverty means more than lack of money, poverty means living with hunger, limited access to education, poor healthcare and being unable to provide for one’s family. The cycle of debt, poverty and exploitation created by lack of access to resources and the extreme social inequality is what Fairtrade is trying to overcome.

Fairtrade’s vision is a world in which all producers can enjoy secure and sustainable livelihoods, fulfil their potential and decide on their future. This vision is realized by the social, economic and environmental standards which are set for both the companies and workers who grow our food. For farmers and workers, the standards include protection of workers’ rights and the environment, for companies they include the payment of the Fairtrade Minimum Price and an additional Fairtrade Premium. Over and above the Fairtrade price, the Fairtrade Premium is an additional sum of money which goes into a communal fund for workers and farmers to use – as they see fit – to improve their social, economic and environmental conditions.

Atalian Servest Food Co. and Fairtrade

workplace changerWe share Fairtrade’s vision of a world in which all small producers and workers can enjoy secure and sustainable livelihoods, fulfil their potential and decide their future. We sell over 40 different Fairtrade products throughout our service and generate Fairtrade Premium through our Groundhouse signature coffee brand. Paying the Fairtrade Minimum Price creates a safety net for farmers facing uncertain prices for their produce, this allows them to invest in sustainable farming to ensure their own livelihood and that of future generations. This year we will be continuing our support of Fairtrade and have become certified as a 2020 Fairtrade Workplace of World Changers for our commitment to offering Fairtrade coffee, sugar and tea in the workplace.

Fairtrade Fortnight 2020

Fairtrade 2020Fairtrade Fortnight is an annual event where individuals, groups and companies come together to celebrate the people in developing countries who grow our food and promote Fairtrade products. This year, Fairtrade Fortnight will focus on women in the cocoa and coffee industry, #SHEDESERVES, as well as campaigning for the living income. During Fairtrade Fortnight, Atalian Servest Food Co. will be sharing stories from our Groundhouse Fairtrade coffee producers in Honduras and promote other Fairtrade products offered throughout our service.

If you are interested in learning more about Fairtrade or how you can become involved in Fairtrade Fortnight click here.