Our plate is never full. We develop new, specialist food and drink concepts to entice and entertain customers, and bring a different dimension to their catering. Food for thought…?

Angel Bakehouse

Angel Bakehouse was conceived as a way to bring the excitement surrounding the foundations of the traditional pizza into the workplace, an injection of sauces, cheeses and other proteins to liven up the working day.

Our products are based on either a stretched dough base or our take on Pide, a traditional middle eastern style. Pide, pronounced PEA-DAY, is a centuries old idea and recipe which we’re excited to bring into the modern day.

Wrap Shack

We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ service, and neither do our clients. With Wrap Shack there’s always something exciting around the corner.

Taking influences from across the globe from its Mexican roots to India, Cuba, Scotland & beyond, it offers our customers new innovative, exciting on trend lunch options, to rival anything found on the UK high street.


With global flavours and fantastic ingredients, Goodness brings you greater choice, no matter how you like to eat.

So if you’re vegetarian or vegan, looking to cut down on calories, eat 1 of your 5 a day, or simply prefer your meals higher in fibre or protein, then we’ve got you covered.

Jukes Diner

Step into Jukes Diner for a taste of the USA! Serving burgers, mac ‘n’ cheese, sides and shakes. There’s something for everyone from the home of Uncle Sam.

With meat and vegan options throughout, Jukes Diner has traditional burgers with a twist, mac ‘n’ cheese pots with toppings, and classic American sides such as frickles.

So, don’t delay. Shake, rattle and roll your way into Jukes Diner today!

Ruby Railway Company

Welcome aboard the great Ruby Railway Company! A culinary tour of modern India by rail, showcasing flavours from twelve areas of the country.

Taking the beautiful & vibrant flavours of modern India & blending them with some of our favourite home comforts, look out for Fried Chicken, Sausage Rolls & Roast Chicken Dinner as you’ve never seen them before.

Please take your seats as we are about to depart.

Let’s Talk Catering

It’s good to talk, but it’s even better to listen. We’re good listeners. By keeping quiet and letting you do the talking we can work out what you want, what you need, what will and won’t work for you. We can deal with the budgets and costings (boring but essential) then get on with the exciting bit, creating a catering solution designed for you, and you alone.

A party without cake is just a meeting.

Julia Child

I always wondered why babies spend so much time sucking their thumbs. Then I tasted baby food.

Robert Orben

I cook with wine. Sometimes I even add it to the food.

W.C. Fields

I like rice. Rice is great if you’re hungry and want 2000 of something.

Mitch Hedburg

Ice cream is exquisite. What a pity it isn’t illegal.