Food Heroes: Inaugural Session

By 8th September 2016Blogs

Food Heroes Inaugural Session


Food Heroes has been developed by Rhys Richardson, Angel Hill Food Co Development Chef, to help nurture some of the great talent we have within the business. The aim of the course is to provide both practical and classroom-based skills to enable the chefs to creatively contribute to the development of Angel Hill’s food offer. There will be a heavy emphasis on craft skill, seasonality and future trends. Upon completion of the course, the chefs will receive and ILM accredited award and will be in a prime position to help support the chef development team.

resized_0000_img_1958The first session kicked off on Thursday 8th September and was a classroom-based module designed to help the chefs hone their creative skills in a development environment. It was the first time they’d got together, but they quickly built up a great rapport as they were paired and grouped up to complete the various activities throughout the day. It was fast-paced and interactive, with a variety of different topics and learning points.


The food element of the day was for two teams to come up with a healthy salad option; both boxed and plated. Chris Ince, Chef Director, put together an identical selection of ingredients for the two teams to use and it was up to them to come up with something great. Aside from the more conventional salad items, Chalk Stream Foods supplied two sides of beautiful hot and cold smoked trout for the chefs to experiment with.

resized_0007_img_1901The day was a great start to what promises to be a fantastic course. The next session will be a food safari around London – with Park Ranger Rhys leading the way! We can’t wait.