Culinary Classroom: HR Workshop at Premier Foods

By 23rd March 2016Blogs

Culinary Classroom: HR Workshop at Premier Foods

resized_0004_img_2597As part of the chef’s managerial development, this session was based around HR with Paul Chetwynd, Servest HR Business Partner, providing his expert advice to the chefs. It was a really valuable day, because understanding the management side of things is absolutely vital for any aspiring chef manager. That Paul is such an engaging and experienced chap really put the cherry on top.


The HR part lasted for the morning and then the chefs were let loose in Premier Foods’ fantastic development kitchen. The first signs of summer were just starting and this theme seemed to run through the dishes that the guys put together. Lots of fresh vibrant flavours and colours were on display, with Chris, Rhys and Matt commenting that they thought it was the best food so far. If you have a look through the photos, we’re sure you’ll agree!