Barista Academy: Milk Management & Latte Art

Barista Academy – Milk Management & Latte Art

As our Groundhouse Academy journey continues, eight of Servest’s finest baristas met at the iconic coffee training venue in Vauxhall, London.

So far, this handpicked Ground Crew have had their coffee craft skills honed on the art of serving consistently great espressos and widening their knowledge of producing and managing beans. This day was focused upon the other critical ingredient in what makes a great cup of Groundhouse coffee – the milk.

Under the watchful eye and guidance of our international competition winning maestro trainers, the Ground Crew were taken on the journey of milk processing and management, learning the true science of how this impacts upon the make-up of serving cappuccinos and lattes.

The next step was focusing on steaming and pouring; two key steps in the recipe of what makes sure that the Groundhouse coffee portfolio stands out from the rest. In an instant, our crew were showing the passion and understanding we’ve come to expect with the production of silky, glossy foamed milk all round.

Finally the highlight of the day, and a real opportunity to see just why our baristas stand out from the rest; we embarked upon the creative and craft skills, and know-how of producing not just great tasting but also great looking coffee.

The balance of temperature, texturing, pouring speed and position led to the creation of some truly amazing looking latte art. It was so impressive to see yet again the craft skills of the Ground Crew move up yet another level. On to the next one!