5 tips when training for a marathon

By 29th October 2016Blogs

I’m in training to run a marathon. If you are doing something like that, you also need to blog, do a blog, be a blogger. It’s just the done thing. Now it seems, I’m all over that.

Run, just run

Because you can, you know. When I started running I struggled to get five minutes under my belt. The next time it was 6 minutes, then 7. Within a month, I was doing 5k, 3 times a week. Just run.

Get gear

The gear is good, it helps you feel better and helps you measure how you’re doing. Forest Gump didn’t have a Tom Tom Runner and just got on with it, but I think he would have been more satisfied had he had one of those bad boys. What I have learned, though, is that anyone can run. Anyone can do this most life affirming activity and good God, it makes you feel good. I’ve gone from struggling with five minutes to running a half marathon and picking up the pace in the last mile. I am truly amazed at what’s possible.

Do stuff together

I’m injured right now, so is my running buddy, who is also my wife, Lisa. She’s tough, she’ll run through pain. We’ve learned that the pain goes away. Pain is there for a reason but you’ll get over it. Running with someone gives you a shared experience too. That’s good. Supporting each other and all that is great but more importantly, achieving things together that otherwise seemed out of your reach, that’s incomparable.

Find inspiration

We’re running a marathon in Florence in four weeks. My friend, C-J Green, inspired me to do this after she ran London having had significant challenges to do so. She made me feel that we can all do things that seem impossible, if we set our mind to it. I’m running this race in memory of my best friend who died of cancer when we were teenagers. Peter Tristram was and is my motivation. He left us too early. Selfish git.


At the point when I started training. the first 10 minutes of running was really hard. I used to want to give up and a few times I did, that’s OK. Now I’m doing better. I’ve come to learn that most of it is in the mind. Believe you will get though the pain and you will. Whatever happens I know we’ll all make it. If I look back to when I first started on this journey, I would never have believed I could have made such progress. I seriously encourage you to believe in yourself, come on, get your act together. It really does feel good to do more than you thought you could. Just say to yourself, yes I can do this. You will be amazed and very proud at what you can achieve.