My first proper job was as a welder’s mate, it was brilliant because I got to do loads of travelling – all over Europe, Israel, and Kuwait. After that I started out in pubs, I had my own pub at 19. Then it was hotels (where I met my partner), consultancy (to get my weekends back), then 15 years in contract catering before joining Angel Hill. It’s been quite a journey!

Personal ambition

Be happy and enjoy my life – that’s it

Professional ambition

It was always to wake up every morning and not dread going to work, safe to say, I’ve achieved that one!

Weirdest dish

Sheep’s brain in Jerusalem – it actually tasted quite good but the presentation was…troubling


Football (Man Utd) and Fishing. I like going to the gym and lifting weights, but I won’t be entering any competitions any time soon!

Best dish?

Paella in Puerto Pollensa at John Torode’s place – amazing.


I’m into indie rock, really, Nirvana, Green Day; that kind of stuff. I really can’t stand manufactured boyband stuff, it just isn’t for me.

Life hero

My Dad – he installed a really strong work ethic in me and I’m so grateful for that. I always look up to people who started out with very little and made themselves successful.


Max, my golden retriever. I know it’s a cliché but he really is my best friend (and I am a man).


Cruises. I never wanted to do it but we went on one for my partner’s 40th and we haven’t looked back. There’s something amazing about waking up in a new place every day. I love it.