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What is CSR

CSR: What is it?

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CSR – What is it?

It’s a very valid question, I know I’ve had to explain it quite a few times since taking on responsibility for it, so I thought a quick explanation was in order.

It stands for Corporate Social Responsibility and, essentially, it is the concept that business can be a driver for positive change. While people often view it as a relatively new concept, I view it as a return to some concepts of the Victorian age; where various titans of industry designed villages complete with free schooling, healthcare and the like. It is, perhaps, more a return to a different way of thinking, one where profit by any means may not be the best solution. So, the idea of business having responsibility for more than just a balance sheet is one that’s constantly evolving and we aim to be at the forefront of that evolution.

Despite what I said earlier, when we think of a stereotypical Victorian business, we probably conjure up images of awful working conditions, measly pay, a London shrouded in smog and a callous Dickensian boss. It’s hard to imagine a business in today’s world doing similar – because as a society we’ve recognised that companies can turn a very healthy profit without abusing workers and the environment. I suppose that this is the crux of CSR. As I’m sure you can imagine, CSR has a very broad scope and can mean different things to different people and businesses. There’s certainly no ‘one size fits all’ definition but I can tell you what it means for Angel Hill Food Co.

We’re committed to driving positive change throughout our business and we’ll be detailing the steps we make in these blogs. It’ll be short and snappy, so you know what we’re doing to try to bring that positive change to reality. We say that we’re ‘full of goodness’, and we aim to show you exactly what we mean by that.