I started washing dishes when I was 15 in a restaurant in Canada. I have worked in every restaurant role from back of house to front of house, including General Manager. My love of learning new things, serving food & beverages to people, and my ability to teach the complexities of catering have been the tool for me to live and work around the world (every continent except Australia & Antartica!)

Professional Ambition

To make delicious coffee accessible to everyone

Personal Ambition

Visit the original home of coffee in Ethiopia and then follow the trading routes back to Europe (I just made that up but it does sound awesome!)

Strangest dish

I’ve eaten loads of weird stuff! But eating flying ants in Zimbabwe sticks in my mind. They pluck the wings off and dry pan fry them – they taste just like roasted peanuts. I went back for more…

Best Dish

It has to be lobster from Newfoundland, we went out in a little boat (dory) and got it ourselves from the traps. We cooked it up on the beach with melted butter and fresh baguettes – it was amazing!

Best Cup

That’s easy. It was in 2008 – and it was made by Jamie Hoffman (2007 World Barista Champion). Until that point, I hated espresso but this cup was so delicious that it really turned my world upside down


Anything, really. I’ve got very eclectic tastes. Some classical, some rock, a bit of rap. Good music takes many forms.


Our cat, Molly, she’s 13 so she’s doing pretty well. She caught me with her claws just yesterday when we were playing – she isn’t slowing down!


Hockey and Basketball. I follow both Toronto teams; the Maple Leafs and Raptors. I’m more of a spectator these days but I played basketball, volleyball, football (American style) when I was younger.


My kids – even if they can’t do something, they keep on trying until they can. I love that. You get knocked down but you get right back up again. We can all learn from that.


We do something different every year. We love Airbnb and roadtrip holidays. Africa is up next.