Managing Director

Coffee loving, people liking, good food eating, family man, guitar player, drawn to funny and genuine souls.


Concrete post maker, guitar playing traveller, Spanish beach party arranger, bartender, waiter, restaurant guy, Hong Kong restaurant guy, UK branded restaurant guy, Foodservice more sensible guy, now even more sensible MD.

Weirdest meal ever

Chinese banquet in Beijing with Chicken feet and Sea Slugs

Worst dish ever

Chocolate sponge and chocolate sauce at school

Best steak ever

Wombles, Johannesburg

Best fish ever

Straight from the sea, onto a fire on the beach in Thailand

Favourite dish ever

Chiperones, Sa Premsa – Palma

Musical hero

Paul Weller


Horses, cats, dogs, chickens


FA qualified coach, Under 11s cup winners 2015, Squash, Tennis and Running; full and half marathons, currently training for the Run Ragnar White Cliffs challenge 170 mile relay race from Maidstone to Dover.


Skiing, USA, South Africa, Spain

Personal ambition

To have my own recording studio

Professional ambition

To serve and to grow